Thai Nuptial Customs

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The Vietnamese nuptial customs include the utilization of appreciate birds being a symbol of love. The chickens are often stitched on the marriage ceremony pilow addresses, which represents that the groom and bride are one and will always be together. Other signs of love include pairs of areca nuts and betel leaves. These icons have famous roots and get used while wedding icons since the sixteenth century.

Before a wedding can occur, the man and the bride’s families keep a betrothal ceremony. During this ceremony, the near future groom’s relatives visits the bride’s family and asks permission to marry her. Traditionally, the marriage was arranged by parents and the future star of the event was not present at the time of the ceremony. Wedding ceremony was considered a bond between families and was meant to create an alliance between two individuals.

The groom and bride exchange gifts as part of the ceremony. The groom is also required to screen the products given by his family towards the bride’s family group. The products are stored in a red tin holder and are offered to the bride and groom prior to wedding ceremony. The bride’s mom will then escort the online dating safety tips groom to the bride’s along with vietnamese girls hands her the bride’s bridal bouquet. The newlyweds will then head to the altar with respect to the Tea and Candle Ceremony.

Guests will wear traditional Japanese clothing for the wedding. The bride will wear a traditional ao dai, as the groom will wear a khan dong. The groom can also wear a far more formal tuxedo.


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